Ningsih Tinampi : Healer & Exorcist. Indonesia

Why does the world need Ningsih Tinampi? Got hooked? Ouch? Use it? Don't worry anymore. Now there is Ningsih Tinampi. Which demon is not afraid to hear his name? Which shaman does not get inflamed seeing his actions? Even the latest news, before bu Ning (call Ningsih Tinampi) departed for Hajj, he was attacked massively by all shamans and his men from all over Indonesia. 1 against thousands. And amazingly, Mrs. Ning can still joke and stand firmly on her feet. While there are thousands of victims on the side.

Ningsih Tinampi, a middle-aged woman from Pandaan, Pasuruan, East Java is being viral and is trending on YouTube. The treatment videos he regularly uploads attracts visitors from all over the world. Many patients come for treatment. Most come from all regions in Indonesia. but there are some who come from outside the country, such as from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, etc.

The mother of 5 boys opened her practice of medicine five years ago. He has healed many diseases. And almost everything deals with the existence of demons in the human body. Satan in the form of jinns, human souls (witches or ordinary people's souls), spirits of the dead, or stealth.

You know the devil right? Occult inhabitants of the unseen. Satan is the main weapon of witchcraft sorcerers. There is no witchcraft if there is no devil. But the devil can still enter the human body without witchcraft. And both, both wild demons (demons that enter themselves in the human body) and witchcraft are equally dangerous to humans. Because they are annoying, hurtful, controlling and deadly.

Before there was Ningsih Tinampi, there were not many people who knew about the world of incest. There are few who know, but many do not believe that witchcraft exists. Unless you've seen and experienced it yourself. And for those who have been victims, the suffering will never end. Because not all victims of witchcraft can be cured. Even if there is a cure, that's only 0.0 percent. The rest ends with a lifetime of suffering to death.

This may be closely related to strict rules that apply between fellow shamans and witchcraft. Witchcraft Shamans should not treat victims of witchcraft. If it happens, there will be a war of witchcraft. So if there are victims of witchcraft, it will usually be brought down to Ajengan, Kyai or Ustadz whose knowledge is qualified, such as Ustadz Dhanu, and others. Because if you are not qualified, the soul of the helper can be a victim of witchcraft from a witch doctor whose witchcraft will be healed.

And if it goes down to another witchcraft sorcerer, usually it will not recover. Because sorcerer witchcraft will not cure. But just pretending to cure. It could even be, the shaman who is expected to cure will instead enter his own witchcraft for personal reasons. Therefore, witchcraft is the scariest scourge. Because healing is almost impossible and hopeless.

But since Ningsih Tinampi appeared, victims of witchcraft from a matter of days to decades began to appear. Many sad stories drain empathy from the victims of this witchcraft. There is a stomach that is enlarged for no reason, paralyzed, unable to see, crazy and others. According to Ningsih Tinampi, all illnesses can be caused by witchcraft. Heart, blindness, vertigo, high blood pressure, cancer, tumors, HIV, herpes, can also be caused by witchcraft. And diseases caused by witchcraft, there are 2 characteristics that are common, namely:

  • if the victim goes for treatment everywhere but does not recover,
  • if the victim feels sick but when treated the disease is unknown

Then after the victims of witchcraft that had been treated for decades at Ningsih Tinampi, they got the expected recovery.

The most viral example of a patient who has been cured by Mrs. Ningsih is a beautiful girl named Clara. Clara was wiped out by her father's ex-lover 10 years ago. Some time later his stomach enlarged without cause. Doctor, raise your hand. Clara's father took her medication anywhere but there was also no bright spot. He also went to a smart person in Bali. Instead of recovering, Clara's disease worsened. There is even a Leak in his body. And thanks to Mrs. Ning, Clara's stomach is now flat. Even though all the demons in the body hadn't disappeared, at least Clara was able to live her normal life again.

But for the recovery of his patients, which is at stake by Ningsih Tinampi is very large. His life and the lives of his family members were among the dukun santet. They are angry because their work is interrupted. But whatever power possessed by Ningsih Tinampi, instead of being destroyed by the attack of the shamans, Mrs. Ning actually managed to destroy all the shamans who attacked her.

In the struggle alone, with the help of the prayers of many people, Ningsih Tinampi told the main mission of the treatment besides healing is to destroy the shaman